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Emirati Thobe Romper - Beige

Emirati Thobe Romper - Beige

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We offer premium baby thobes of excellent craftsmanship, tailored for newborns and upwards. Every garment is meticulously handmade in the UAE, prioritising superior quality and practicality. Our romper thobes are an ideal choice for gifts, available in sizes ranging from birth to 2 years.

The convenience of press studs at the bottom allows little ones to freely discover the wonders of the world. This distinctive attire embodies the traditional Emirati style, featuring intricate Emirati embroidery and a removable long tarboosh (tassel).

Size guide

The sizing numbers indicate the length of the garment in inches. For children's sizes, we suggest measuring your child before placing an order, as these sizes are an approximate. 

To determine the appropriate size, measure from the top of the shoulder to just above the ankle or to your preferred length for the thobe. 

18 18" 0 - 2 months
20 20" 2 - 6 months
22 22" 6 - 9 months
24 24" 12 - 18 months
26 26" 18 - 24 months

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